JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

Application Guideline

21st Contest Theme:
Our Earth in 2030

When you grow up, what kind of natural environment would you like to live in?
It’s not only humans that are living on the Earth.
We share this planet with animals, birds, fish, insects, trees and plants.
Think of an Earth where all creatures can live together, and draw a picture from your imagination.

Application for the 21st Contest is closed. Thank you for your participation!

Our Earth in 2030
Children aged 7 through 15
Submission Deadline
Artwork must reach us by May 31, 2021
Requirements: Paper size 257×364mm or smaller.
Drawing tools: Draw in free hand with any type of paint, pastel, etc.
Important note
  1. Please print out the application form, fill in your details (in English only, and preferrably in BLOCK LETTERS), and glue it to the back of your drawing.
  2. Please be sure that the drawing has been drawn personally and has not been published in other newspapers or magazines.
  3. All materials received will not be returned as a general rule.
  4. All materials received will become the property of JQA and may be used in publications or on the Web for publicity and promotional purposes.
  5. Applications sent in groups, such as a school, should be sent in a single packet.
  6. Please note that drawings with text (such as posters) will disqualify for the contest.
Mailing address

Please send your drawings to:

JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest Office
POB 264, Kyobashi Yubinkyoku, Tokyo, 104-8691, Japan

IMPORTANT: If using a private courier, instead of the above address please use this address.

Winners announcement
August, 2021 (to be posted on this website)
48 winners will receive special memorabilia. All entrants will receive a participation prize.


31 May, 2021 The deadline for application
Early June, 2021 Preliminary Judgement
Early July, 2021 Final Judgement
Early August, 2021 Announcement of Winners
Late December, 2021 Award Shipment

Contest Booklet

If you wish to receive the 21st contest booklet, please indicate "21st contest booklet requested." on your application form. It will be included in your participation prize shipment.

What will the Earth be like in 2030?

What will our Earth be like in 2030?
Rather than just focusing on living comfortably, we need to act to protect the Earth, even if it’s a little inconvenient and takes some effort on our part.
Countries all around the world are working as one to create an environment where humans and all other creatures can live together well into the future on this planet.

Protect Natural Resources

Clothes and other everyday items, mobile phones, TVs, cars and airplanes - these are made at factories, where large amounts of energy are used to operate the machines. Oil, coal and natural gas are burnt to produce this energy, but this causes air pollution and depletion of these natural resources. Switching over to clean, new energy such as wind and solar power is becoming more and more common these days.

Prepare for Disasters

Everywhere around the world, people are experiencing extreme weather events that have never been seen before; extreme temperatures are being reported, flooding caused by too much rain, crops depleted by droughts. Such extreme weather is said to have been caused by a rise in the Earth’s temperature. Efforts are being made to stop the Earth from getting any hotter, as well as to prepare for disaster.

Protect Forests

About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, the remaining 30% is land, and one third of the land is covered with forests. But this third is shrinking due to deforestation as humans develop the land for farming and urbanisation. Forests clean the air and create oxygen that creatures need to survive. They are also home to a variety of animals and insects. Nowadays, initiatives to plant trees and regenerate forests full of creatures are spreading.

Protect the Sea

Plastic is used for all sorts of things that surround us, such as PET bottles and other containers, electrical appliances and clothes. But today, sea creatures like whales and sea turtles are dying because they confuse plastic waste with food to eat. Make sure to take your trash to a designated disposal point, reduce waste by making use of what you have for as long as possible and recycling waste.


Kimura Yasumasa
Kimura Yasumasa
UNICEF Tokyo Office

On behalf of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), I would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Japan Quality Assurance Organization and the International Certification Network for organizing the 21st International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest. It is a great pleasure to learn that many children from all over the world participate in this contest every year and show us their wishes for the mother earth through their beautiful and colorful drawings with full of imagination and sensitivity.

The theme of this year’s contest is “Our Earth in 2030” associated with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all of us. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with 169 targets, which are an urgent call for action by all countries. In the SDGs, we each have a role to play if we’re going to achieve these goals of a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable world.

In 2030 – You will be playing an important role in shaping our Planet’s future.

I would like you to learn about the SDGs before picking up a paintbrush and imagine how the society and the earth you live in would be in 2030. I would be delighted if each one of you comes to believe that you could help building a sustainable world, and then draw the Earth in 2030 which is still a rich and beautiful place to live.
I look forward to receiving many artworks filled with lots of hopes and good wishes.

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