JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

About Our Contest

We hold this contest to give an opportunity for children of the future generation to become more aware of their global environment through drawing picture under the theme of the environmet of our Earth.


 The 23rd Contest is now open! Click here for entry details and application form.

 Winners of the 22nd Contest are announced!

 DEAR 22nd CONTEST PARTICIPANTS: Delay in International Prize Shipment for 22nd Contest:
Due to cancelled or restricted postal services to various countries and regions caused by the pandemic, delivery of the 22nd Contest prizes to certain countries is significantly delayed. We are making efforts to send the gifts as soon as possible and thank you for your understanding in the meanwhile.

 About Exhibitions

The 22nd Award Winning Works

The Environmental Best Prize

Angela Wu Age 14, U.S.A.

International Section

The International Best Prize

Zupan Sara Age 10, Slovenia

The UNICEF Prize

Miriam Clus Age 8, Romania

The IQNET Special Prize

Adna Aisha Aufa Age 14, Indonesia

The IQNET Special Prize

Muriuki Solomon Mwit Age 14, Kenya

The JQA Special Prize

Ardino Joyce P. Age 13, Indonesia

The JQA Special Prize

Kao Yu Han Age 10, Taiwan

The Judges Special Prize

Meghan Nishith Gajjar Age 9, India

International First Prize
NameCountry & RegionAge
Chowdhury AnanayaBangladesh13
Tiong Ing HoeBrunei12
Liang HeyiChina12
Zala Khyatiba GirirajsinhIndia8
A. IndulekhaIndia13
Kshirsagar Apurva SanjaykumarIndia15
Nababan Simon HotdituaIndonesia11
Helma HassanzadehIran7
Asma NajafIran 12
Setareh ShaveysiIran12
Absattar MereyKazakhstan9
Kuan Sing Y.Malaysia8
Ng Jyn RayMalaysia11
Khan AyeshaPakistan14
P.A.H.K. Gunasekara Hejith KalnakaSri Lanka8
Chandrasena ThinugiSri Lanka14
Vidarshee JayaminiSri Lanka14
Yucel Eylul AdaTurkey8
Bozkurt Cinar KeremTurkey9
Bahadoor Aarush A.Mauritius11
Hasanli RenaAzerbaijan9
Karneeva AnastasiaBelarus10
Maleshkova Maria Luiza LyubomirovaBulgaria11
NameCountry & RegionAge
Busic MarijaCroatia8
Anna ZahorjanHungary7
Bator Rebeka MajaHungary9
Toth GergoHungary12
Bader AminaHungary12
Voyush NikitaItaly7
Emersone HermineLatvia15
Amelija RailaiteLithuania7
Kotryna VitkauskaiteLithuania10
Goda BiraiteLithuania11
Pranskute InesaLithuania12
Adamska PatrycjaPoland14
Sofia DudaRomania12
Odobisteanu Teodora Nicoleta VRomania14
Zivkovic Dunja Z.Serbia12
Topalovic DavidSerbia15
Stiakova VivienSlovakia12
Bizjak MetkaSlovenia9
Vrabec NusaSlovenia13
Sun KathyCanada11
Yoon Hailee D.U.S.A.14
Gonzalez Gabriel E.Venezuela14

Japan Section

The Japanese Best Prize

Tomita Aoi Age 10, Aichi

The UNICEF Prize

Fukuzato Kaori Age 15, Aichi

The JQA Special Prize

Suzuki Momoka Age 11, Tokyo

The IQNET Special Prize

Okada Mikuru Age 10, Hokkaido

The Judges Special Prize

Hashimoto Iroha Age 8, Shizuoka

Japanese First Prize
Watanabe SotaTokyo6
Sakagami SatsukiHokkaido7
Namioka YutoSaitama7
Kohama KayaKagawa8
Narushima NeneShizuoka8
Wakana ChisatoTokyo9
Cha YumiTokyo10
Nakamura ShikiShizuoka10
Nakamura HiroakiEhime11
Kita KokomiMie12
Yamada ShogoFukuoka12
Yamada SoraFukuoka12
Matsuda JoAichi13
Kobayashi NatsukiHyogo13
Endo AiTokyo14
Kurihara TamahoKanagawa14
Ashida AikaTokyo14
Iida YuikaOsaka14
Konno HimenaShizuoka14
Hidayat SitiTokyo15


Kinutani Koji

The screening session for this contest is the work I look forward to most during the year, as I get to see the pictures that the children who receive the theme have thought a lot about and drawn, and I get inspired by their passionate thoughts. I want to give the first prize to every drawing here. Choosing one is really tough every time. We, the judges, cherish each momentary encounter with each drawing and select the works that resonate with us.
Also, every year at this screening, I am keenly aware of how as we get older, we get caught up in our daily chores and how our compassion for nature, people, animals, and plants has diminished compared to that of our children.

Animals respond to moving objects because they live outside, but we human beings are creatures that can stare at stationary objects. For example, when a butterfly is flying, we human beings cannot understand how its wings move and why it is able to fly, but when it is a motionless specimen, we can see every detail of its shape and can draw a picture of its mechanism. So painting is a mind-intensive process, and I think this is one of the conditions that separate human beings from animals. I would love so much to take home all the pictures here for a closer look, but unfortunately that is not possible, so I'm looking at them carefully here.

Paintings are mirrors that reflect the human mind. The pictures here are a mirror reflecting the minds of children. I come here every year to learn how children's minds are reflected in drawings.

Don't we adults treat children too lightly because they are children? However, children are the ones who strongly hold our original feelings. If we continue to have the original feelings that everyone had when they were children, even into adulthood, we will be able to understand the strength and weight of sentiments today's children feel. If we do so, wars and wasteful spending will cease to exist in the world.

Kinutani Koji
Chairman of the Judging Committee,
Painter / Emeritus Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts


The finals of the 22nd JQA International Environmental Chirdren's Drawing Contest was held on June 30, 2022. Those drawings that best expressed the contest themes, "Choosing Eco-Friendly Lifestyles", were awarded by strict and fair screening.