JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

About Our Contest

We hold this contest to give an opportunity for children of the future generation to become more aware of their global environment through drawing picture under the theme of the environmet of our Earth.


 Congratulations! Winners of the 23rd Contest are announced! We hope the message in your drawing will reach people all over the world and help protect our beautiful planet. Participation gift and Winner's gifts are scheduled to be sent out in December. We thank you for your patience in the meanwhile.

 DEAR 21st & 22nd CONTEST PARTICIPANTS: Delay in International Prize Shipment for 21st & 22nd Contest: Due to the ongoing cancellation or restricted postal service to various countries and regions initially caused by the pandemic, delivery of the 21st & 22nd Contest prizes and gifts to certain countries remains significantly delayed. We are making efforts to send the gifts as soon as possible and thank you for your understanding in the meanwhile.

 About Exhibitions

The 23rd Award Winning Works

The Environmental Best Prize

Ikeda Eishin Age 6, Japan

International Section

The International Best Prize

Vlad Miruna Stefana Age 13, Romania

The UNICEF Prize

Eana Emma Elena Age 9, Romania

The IQNET Special Prize

Tcaci Taisia Age 7, Moldova

The IQNET Special Prize

Patru Ioana Adriana Age 14, Romania

The JQA Special Prize

Liu Yu-Chen Age 7, Taiwan

The JQA Special Prize

Sanchez Morales Maria Victoria Age 14, Venezuela

The Judges Special Prize

Lee Alyssa Ivy Age 7, Canada

International First Prize
NameCountry & RegionAge
Afsin SuhalaBangladesh7
Tabassum SanjidaBangladesh15
Patel Aarna VishalIndia12
Budheliya Hetvi ShaktibhaiIndia14
Zina JalaliIran13
Cho-Eun LeeKorea8
Jeong LouisKorea9
Ali Lara M.Lebanon13
Myat Sai Pyae Sone MyoMyanmar11
Chandrapala Chenuli NehansaOman9
Cristobal Emily SamanthaPhilippines15
Daniel Doh Kamaw SawSingapore8
Kumari Thennakoon Maneshi DisathmaSri Lanka6
Rajapaksha M.P. Rasanjana VibuthiSri Lanka11
Nirmani MaleeshaSri Lanka15
Panmoon SasiradaThailand9
Ratchaphong YadaphatThailand12
Tran ThuViet Nam15
Seleka PhetoBotswana12
Al-Awadi FariedaEgypt11
Itua Kenneth Liberation AngelNigeria12
Harutyunyan ArpiArmenia7
Tamamyan ElenArmenia13
NameCountry & RegionAge
Noor HayatAzerbaijan13
Beren JaferBulgaria4
Nagy BoglarkaHungary8
Viczko Julia SaraHungary10
Doka TimeaHungary10
Kokenyesi DoraHungary13
Rostas AmandaHungary14
Szarvas LenaHungary15
Kuragamage Amaa Shakya PereraItaly10
Podzina DartaLatvia9
Vaitkeviciute AstrejaLithuania13
Osadcenco EvelinMoldva14
Naumova JanaNorth Macedonia10
Craciun Isabel MariaRomania7
Ripa IlincaRomania8
Romina VorosSerbia9
Bujak AndrejSerbia12
Hrabovsky LeoSlovakia12
Jedinakova MartinaSlovakia14
Zhou Bill Xiao DongCanada10
Kaithlyn AguilarCosta Rica7
Hovsepyan AlvardU.S.A.11
Ornella CunninghamArgentina9

Japan Section

The Japanese Best Prize

Toda Airi Age 14, Aichi

The UNICEF Prize

Shimazu Kanna Age 10, Kagawa

The JQA Special Prize

Iwamoto Nana Age 13, Aichi

The IQNET Special Prize

Kamiya Ririko Age 11, Aichi

The Judges Special Prize

Watanabe Momoka Age 7, Tokyo

Japanese First Prize
Takagi YuuHiroshima7
Takashima AyakaHyogo8
Ito RitsuAichi8
Yasuda TsuzumiKanagawa8
Mizukane KoshiTokyo9
Nakamura MitsukiAichi10
Omi AoiIbaraki10
Kamei SawaAichi10
Nishimaki TakuKanagawa10
Ryuu Su-hanNagano11
Nasada MomohaHyogo12
Tokuue KoharuKanagawa13
Fukushima KanatoSaitama14
Senoo HanamiKanagawa14
Yoshida AoiAichi14
Kono KakoAkita14
Imai YukinaYamagata14
Noda AkariNagasaki14
Sudo KojiroGifu15


Kinutani Koji

I am a judge for this contest every year, and I cannot help but enjoy it because the drawings teach me so much. Great works were selected for awards again this time. There were works that were unfortunately not selected, but every work has its own charm and it was really difficult to choose. If I could, I would give an award to every entrant.

The works here are like mirrors of the children's beautiful hearts. Their hearts are reflected in the drawings. Drawing is more about nurturing and reflecting one's thoughts like a child than it is about painting well or improving one's skill. Children's hearts are really beautiful, and I am happy to witness this today in these drawings.

Calcium carbonate, found in iron sand and limestone in the mountains, flows into the soil of fields and into the sea through rain and rivers. The carbonate is eaten by microbes, which are eaten by animals and fish, which we then eat. Our bodies are connected to and made up of nature. This year's theme is "Joyful Times for People and Nature". From an adult's point of view, we tend to think of people and nature as separate things, but the children's drawings teach us that human beings and nature should not be considered separately, and that if nature must be beautiful, then we humans must be beautiful.

These artworks, which reflect the true, unclouded minds of children around the world, are exhibited at various locations in Japan, and I hope adults will see them when they have a chance. I am sure that the children's messages will resonate with you and you will enjoy a meaningful time.

Kinutani Koji
Chairman of the Judging Committee,
Painter / Emeritus Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts


The finals of the 23rd JQA International Environmental Chirdren's Drawing Contest was held on June 15, 2023. Those drawings that best expressed the contest themes, "Joyful Times for People and Nature", were awarded by strict and fair screening.