JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

About Our Contest

We hold this contest to give an opportunity for children of the future generation to become more aware of their global environment through drawing picture under the theme of the environmet of our Earth.


 Application for the 21st Contest is closed. Thank you for your participation! Winners will be announced during August on this website. Stay tuned!

 (Contest Closed) Deadline extended for the 21st Contest

 Winners of the 20th Contest are announced!

 About Exhibitions

The 20th Award Winning Works

The Environmental Best Prize

Kitahara Kokomi Nagano, Age 10

International Section

The International Best Prize

Denis Avdic Bosnia and Herzegovina, Age 14

The UNICEF Prize

Lindsay Qin U.S.A., Age 13

The IQNet Special Prize

Hossain Shahadat Bangladesh, Age 11

The IQNet Special Prize

Lara Hine Chinita Portugal, Age 13

The JQA Special Prize

Samaddar Tanuj India, Age 14

The JQA Special Prize

Nutthanicha Veerasenee Thailand, Age 13

The Judges Special Prize

Ang Jia Yi Malaysia, Age 13

International First Prize
NameCountry & RegionAge
Chan Yuet YinChina10
Gao JiabinChina10
Wang RuiChina12
N. LogeshIndia6
Melika AmjadianIran11
Nasim ZamaniIran12
Chibireva TatianaKazakhstan8
Sim SuhyeonKorea13
Hsu Myat Noe HanMyanmar15
Pascual Tamia L.Philippines11
Gawesh SathsaraSri Lanka10
N.M. Hasini Himasha KumarasiriSri Lanka11
Claire KangTaiwan10
Raksa ChanposriThailand11
Mamarasulova EzozaUzbekistan14
Christke IrisAustralia14
Cadelina Julia ZoeyMarshal Islands11
El Habal HananeMorocco14
Jonas ErastusNamibia12
De Villiers PetriSouth Africa7
Maimana HassineTunisia14
Dhanvarshini LoganathanUganda14
Mariia GatovskaiaBelarus9
NameCountry & RegionAge
Vladislava SporyshBelarus9
Martinovic AnjaCroatia15
Chichua MariamGeorgia9
Economou IlenaGreece15
Kamilla BiroHungary10
Kristupas TirksliunasLithuania8
Genciute GintareLithuania13
Banu AndreeaRomania12
Gontova Alina AleksandrovnaRussia14
Djordjevic MagdalenaSerbia10
Volckova XeniaSlovakia7
Sarova DanielaSlovakia13
Charlize HolzerSwitzerland11
Alina TatarovaUkraine13
Hughes MiaU.K.7
Jung OliviaCanada11
Cardenas Bautista Ana GabrielaGuatemala12
Yostin Benjamin E.Honduras11
Park VictoriaU.S.A.7
Takayama Nicolas N.Peru11
Maria Jose Verona CaveroPeru12
Liauw Emma A.Suriname7

Japan Section

The Japanese Best Prize

Kikuchi Shogo Tokyo, Age 9

The UNICEF Prize

Nishimura Waka Yamaguchi, Age 14

The JQA Special Prize

Yokoyama Rio Kanagawa, Age 11

The IQNet Special Prize

Haneji Yuka Osaka, Age 13

The Judges Special Prize

Sugita Miu Yamanashi, Age 13

Japanese First Prize
Kondo SoranoGifu6
Awano Sergent EijiTokyo7
Asano TaoAkita10
Tanaka NanoTokyo12
Hara KodaiTokyo12
Inaba KonomiTokyo13
Ohmaru SeinaFukuoka13
Kodama KotonaOsaka13
Mizuki SakuraFukuoka13
Motohiro NeneYamanashi13
Yada TakumuMie14
Abe MizukiFukuoka14
Inoue EitoShizuoka14
Inoue NiinaOsaka14
Sato RinkaKanagawa14
Shibano RinkaOsaka14
Sekine RioSaitama14
Takimoto MutsumiFukuoka14
Hirose YukinaHokkaido14


Kinutani Koji

I always very much look forward to seeing the works by children for this yearly contest.

I think that a picture is a mirror that reflects the artist. When I look at the works gathered here, I feel as if I am communicating with the mind of each child. I always learn a lot from the entries, some of which are innocent and spontaneous, others are heavily tinged with the air of their native countries, and yet others have strong messages to bring to a wide audience.

It overwhelms me to see how pure-hearted the children are and how deeply they care about the Earth and the environment. At the same time, it makes me wish they would retain this stance when they grow up. It is also meaningful for each of us grown-ups to recapture how we felt as a child when we look at children’s artworks that show great sensibility.

While I wish I could award all the entries, we selected the winning pieces based on the level of enthusiasm the artworks showed for environmental issues. Exceptional sensibility was expressed in the artworks, not only by children learning art, but also by technically less adept artists. All these children’s shared vision of caring seriously about the Earth compels us to think about what trajectory the world should be on. I think this planet could enjoy a longer life if these children’s voices were more widely heard around the world.

Kinutani Koji
Chairman of the Judging Committee,
Painter / Emeritus Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts


The finals of the 20th International Environmental Chirdren's Drawing Contest was held on June 20, 2019.

Those drawings that best expressed the 2 contest themes, "Our Future and the Earth" and "The Earth I love", were awarded by strict and fair screening.