JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

About Our Contest

We hold this contest to give an opportunity for children of the future generation to become more aware of their global environment through drawing picture under the theme of the environmet of our Earth.


 Application for this year's contest is now closed. Thank you for your participation! We will announce the winners during August on our website. Stay tuned!

 Winners of the 19th Contest are announced!

 About Exhibitions

The 19th Award Winning Works

The Environmental Best Prize

Mahran Mariam Bahrain, Age 12

International Section

The International Best Prize

Csosz Eliza Hungary, Age 12

The UNICEF Prize

Kiss Reka Hungary, Age 10

The IQNet Special Prize

Chesa Clara Natalia Romania, Age 7

The IQNet Special Prize

Larissa Fritsche Switzerland, Age 14

The JQA Special Prize

Urvi Jain India, Age 14

The JQA Special Prize

Tsai Iris Taiwan, Age 10

The Judges Special Prize

Cetin Nazlican Turkey, Age 11

International First Prize
Rayaan EiliyahBangladesh8
Sabah ZareenBangladesh15
Srey Voeung ChanCambodia13
Kwong Hiu ChingChina10
Hidayah Rachfita Ameilisa AuliaIndonesia13
Nazanin YazdiIran10
Samin MahjoobIran10
Mahdiyeh JafarpoorIran11
Hlyan Htet Ye' ManMyanmar7
Cua Kaitlyn Raine C.Philippines14
Kong EdaSingapore10
Willigoda Arachchige Pasindu HeshanSri Lanka6
Gamage Oshani HansikaSri Lanka14
Ranasinghe Arachige Thilinika DevindiSri Lanka15
Chu KatherineTaiwan13
Rakprom WannaratThailand14
Suriya Rattanamanee WunThailand14
Utaivattanapakdee KongamolThailand15
Mamathanov HumoyunUzbekistan13
Muhtorova SorvinozUzbekistan15
Remorozo Arabelle G.Australia12
Acheampong EmmanuelGhana14
Hassan AliNiger10
Nnebeife Chidera Emmanuella EneNigeria14
De Villiers PetriSouth Africa6
Alina MkrtumyanArmenia8
Iankovskaia DariaBelarus8
Yankovskaya KseniaBelarus9
Gechevska Kristina AleksandrovaGermany15
Kiss Hanga ZengoHungary10
Zahoray KataHungary12
Ausrine IlgauskaiteLithuania8
Emile JakstaiteLithuania10
Roberta DiekontaiteLithuania14
Haldorsen NoraNorway12
Ala WitekPoland8
Beatriz Miranda dos Santos Figueiredo GuilhermePortugal14
Mate KrisztinaRomania14
Muhuntdinova ArinaRussia8
Smolin MakarRussia12
Ispanov LanaSlovenia11
Diana Pereira Switzerland7
Yelyzaveta TanchenkoUkraine9
Anastasia DiachenkoUkraine10
Leonardo Gomez EspinosaCuba9
John OshiroPeru13

Japan Section

The Japanese Best Prize

Nakamura Hiroaki Ehime, Age 7

The UNICEF Prize

Ito Reo Osaka, Age 12

The JQA Special Prize

Hosoya Risa Kanagawa, Age 12

The IQNet Special Prize

Zaizen Tenta Kanagawa, Age 14

The Judges Special Prize

Tomiyasu Mami Shizuoka, Age 12

Japanese First Prize
Kimura YuineKanagawa6
Yoshida SawaIbaraki6
Okada FutoNagano7
Nakane MairiAichi7
Yamada EitoAkita8
Usuda AikaHyogo8
Fukushima YuOsaka9
Kitahara KokomiNagano9
Suzuki ReizeAichi10
Yoshimoto YukiTokyo10
Shiba FukaIbaraki11
Hori KeikaSaitama13
Shinno ShioriTokyo14
Kaneda AkariOsaka14
Kawashima ShioneTochigi14
Koyama SotaChiba14
Shibasaki RikoAichi14
Matsuo MidoriFukuoka14
Murayama AyameSaitama14
Yanai HarukaTokyo14


Kinutani Koji

It is that time of the year again when we judge the entries for the contest. A year passes by very quickly. I always look forward to seeing all the entries. It seems that the skill level has gone up in a year and many drawings featured rich, colorful expressions.

I am a member of an educational program where members of the Japan Art Academy visit schools all over Japan to demonstrate art and offer guidance to children. During the program, I never tell children that their work is “good”. Although praising them may make the children happy, those that didn’t get praised may feel like they are not good enough and be discouraged to draw. If children become caught up in trying to produce a “good drawing”, they may find themselves imitating artworks that they consider good, only to end up with something their talent doesn’t show through.

So, does this mean that all painters worldwide, including the renowned artists in the past, are good at drawing? I do not think so. In my opinion, choosing artwork based on how well it is drawn is a mistake. Instead, it is important to choose artwork based on your preference and your feeling or attraction. If it moves you, it is a good drawing no matter how vague the depiction may be. If you look for one definite answer that everyone can agree on, like 1+1=2, you cannot choose the right one. It is necessary to acknowledge all different ideas. The drawings we have here are all correct. Making the selection intuitively is the most important task for us judges.

The fact that the drawings are full of color proves that there is freedom and peace. The colorful artwork by the children gave me an abundance of energy as if I devoured the colors with my eyes to activate my brain cells. The award-winning works will be shown at exhibits all over Japan, so I hope you too will experience this sensation.

Kinutani Koji
Chairman of the Judging Committee,
Painter / Emeritus Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts


The finals of the 19th JQA International Environmental Chirdren's Drawing Contest was held on June 21, 2018.

Those drawings that best expressed the contest theme, "We All Live on Earth", were awarded by strict and fair screening.