JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

What is JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest?

Since 1999, Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) and International Certification Organization Network (IQNet) have been hosting the JQA International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest for children aged 7 to 15 years old from around the world, supported by UNICEF Tokyo Office.

So far, the contest has been held 20 times with over 12,000 entries and this year we’ve had entries from a record breaking 88 countries and regions. In total, we have received more than 320,000 drawings up to now. Full of imagination and artistic sensitivity, children drew pictures about nature and animals, their families and the surrounding area. The pictures also contain the message towards global environment, beyond borders and differences in their background cultures and languages.

As the organizer, we hope that this contest provides the children an opportunity to think about the global environment, by expressing their inspiration from nature’s bounty. At the same time, we believe that the efforts to protecting the global environment will be further encouraged through the appreciation of such children’s drawings.


小林 憲明

We have received a total of 12,984 entries from 88 countries and regions for the 20th JQA International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest. As the host, I am very glad that so many children from around the world have entered the contest, as well as having marked the milestone 20th anniversary of the event this year. Thank you very much to everyone who has been involved in the contest.

This year, we selected two themes: “Our Future and the Earth” and “The Earth I Love”. While their nationalities and cultures vary, all the artworks sent to us in response to these themes carried strong messages of hope for the happiness of all living things including their families, animals and plants. Children bear the future of the Earth, and their clear eyes are full of hopes and dreams. Each piece is a little prayer from the child, which once again reminds us adults who lead the world today that it is our mission to pass on the fertile Earth to the next generation.

This booklet compiles artworks that we found particularly extraordinary. We not only select drawings excelling in illustration skills, but also ones with originality, ones that depict the country’s local characteristics, and ones that express hopes and messages. All these wonderful pieces are hard for us adults to imitate.

We hope that many people will view these drawings in real life and receive the children's messages and visions for the global environment that they expressed in their works. We also hope that this booklet as well as exhibitions being held at various locations will give many people the opportunity to raise their awareness for the “importance of the global environment.”

Last but not least, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the people at UNICEF, JICA (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers), embassies and IQNet (The International Certification Network) who extended their support, as well as all the teachers around the world who have offered guidance to their students.

Kobayashi Noriaki
Japan Quality Assurance Organization

IQNet (The International Certification Network) as in the past has had the pleasure of hosting together with JQA (Japan Quality Assurance Organization) and with the support of UNICEF Tokyo Office the annual JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest. Again this year in JQA's office have arrived thousands of wonderful drawings painted by children from all over the world representing many cultures and traditions.

There is nothing more powerful than the innocence of a children's drawing to remind us of what is precious in life and this drawing contest has just that message - children, family and nature all thriving in a healthy and sustainable environment.

It is our responsibility as custodians of this planet to meet the hopes and expectations of our next generation so beautifully expressed in the paintings. That is why I consider this contest is so important, not just for the awareness and environmental education of the little ones, but also as a reminder of the responsibility we all have to their future.

It is becoming increasingly clear saving the environment is going to be one of the biggest challenges we are facing in generations, and any activity or action that creates awareness in this direction should be fully supported. This is the reason in the name of IQNet I would like to thank all the participants, organizers, members of the jury and all other people involved including parents and educators and I would encourage everybody to spread the word so that more and more people will become aware and involved in this wonderful contest.

Alexandru Stoichitoiu
The International Certification Network


Kinutani KojiKinutani Koji
Chairman of judging Committee

Painter / Japan Art Academy Membership / Emeritus Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts
Kimura YasumasaKimura Yasumasa
Director, UNICEF Tokyo Office
Tatsumi KikukoTatsumi Kikuko
Executive Advisor, Nippon Association of Consumer Specialists
Kobayashi NoriakiKobayashi Noriaki
President, Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Hosumi MasayasuHosumi Masayasu
Senior Executive Board Director, Japan Quality Assurance Organization