JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

What is JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest?

Since 1999, Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) and International Certification Organization Network (IQNET) have been hosting the JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest for children aged 7 to 15 years old from around the world, supported by UNICEF Tokyo Office.

So far, the contest has been held 23 times and this year we've had over 9,900 entries from a record breaking 83 countries and regions. In total, we have received more than 350,000 drawings up to now. Full of imagination and artistic sensitivity, children drew pictures about nature and animals, their families and the surrounding area. The pictures also contain the message towards global environment, beyond borders and differences in their background cultures and languages.

As the organizer, we hope that this contest provides the children an opportunity to think about the global environment, by expressing their inspiration from nature's bounty. At the same time, we believe that the efforts to protecting the global environment will be further encouraged through the appreciation of such children's drawings.


小林 憲明

In the 23rd contest, a total of 9,947 incredible drawings were received from 83 countries and regions. As an organizer, I am very pleased that many children from all over the world have entered the contest this year as well, and that I can introduce these drawings in this booklet as well as at museums, zoos, children's centers, exhibitions and other venues throughout Japan and share them with everyone.

At the G7 Hiroshima summit in May 2023, there were discussions about efforts on climate, energy and environment. It was confirmed that the countries will enhance cooperation to respond to the problems as urgent global issues. On the other hand, the problem of insufficient energy resources triggered by the situation in Ukraine had not been resolved yet, and every day we hear painful news of frequent floods, droughts and wildfires caused by unusual weather claiming many lives around the world.

This year's theme for the application was "Joyful Time for People and Nature". The drawings are filled with depictions of vibrant animals, plants, landscapes and family members which the children love and care for. Some artworks reflect the global situation and are immediately associated with environmental pollution or show people looking down in tears. They amazed me by their great sensitivity and strong awareness of the issues and also reminded me again that we as adults have a huge responsibility.

As one of Japan's leading fair and neutral third-party certification bodies, JQA has contributed to realizing a sustainable society through certification services related to environmental matters over many years. With this background, we have run this contest since 1999 in the hope of providing an opportunity for children around the world, who will build the future, to think about the global environment. We will continue to actively promote the contest and expand the opportunities to introduce the drawings in order to deliver children's messages implicit in their artworks to as many people as possible.

Finally, I would like to express my deep gratitude again to the staff of UNICEF, Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers of JICA, embassies around the world and the staff of IQNET for their help, the parents and teachers who provided guidance to the children, and especially Professor Kinutani, who has served as the chair of judges since the first contest and made great efforts to develop the contest.

Kobayashi Noriaki
Japan Quality Assurance Organization

Participating in the jury for the JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest is always an incredibly inspiring and heartwarming experience. As a member of the jury, I had the privilege of witnessing the immense creativity, talent, and passion displayed by the young participants.
The contest provides a platform for children to express their concerns and hopes for the environment through art. It was truly remarkable to see how these young minds embraced the theme of environmental sustainability and translated it into vibrant and heartwarming artworks.

Reviewing the entries was no easy task, as each drawing possessed its own unique charm and message. The level of detail and the imaginative interpretations of the theme left a lasting impression. The artworks conveyed a range of emotions, from the urgency to combat pollution and climate change to the celebration of nature's beauty and the importance of biodiversity. The dedication and enthusiasm displayed by the young artists were truly commendable. Their effort of raising awareness about environmental issues through their art was inspiring and serves as a reminder that the future is in capable hands. It was a joy to be part of a process that nurtured and recognized their artistic talents while encouraging a strong sense of environmental stewardship.

The JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that young individuals can have on shaping a sustainable future. It was a privilege to contribute to the selection of winners and witness the immense potential of these in some cases very young artists in creating positive change through their art. Their drawings will undoubtedly continue to inspire others to take action and protect our precious environment.

Alexandru Stoichitoiu
The International Certification Network


Kinutani KojiKinutani Koji
Chairman of judging Committee
Painter, Japan Art Academy Membership, Emeritus Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts
Roberto BenesRoberto Benes
Director, UNICEF Tokyo Office
Oishi MinakoOishi Minako
Consumer Affairs Advisor, Nippon Association of Consumer Specialists
Alexandru StoichitoiuAlexandru Stoichitoiu
President, The International Certification Network
Kobayashi NoriakiKobayashi Noriaki
Chairman, Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Hosumi MasayasuHosumi Masayasu
Senior Executive Board Director, Japan Quality Assurance Organization